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The RZ1-K (or RZ1K) is a flexible power and control cable designed for indoor fixed applications with a voltage rating is 600/1000V. It is manufactured with Class 5 flexible copper conductors to facilitate installations with sinuous courses, including in underground supply networks for outdoor lighting. This cable is not suitable for direct burial.
The Low Smoke Zero Halogen (
LSZH) Polyolefin oversheath creates a high safety cable that will not emit toxic fumes and smoke in the event of fire, making it appropriate for installations such as buildings and public areas where there is a high concentration of people or valuable equipment.


Conductor Flexible copper (Class 5)
Insulation Cross-linked Polyethylene (XLPE) Type DIX-3
Outersheath Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) Polyolefin

This cable generally has a green outersheath which is UV stable and suitable for direct exposure to sunlight. It has a temperature rating of -15oC to +90oC.


R XLPE insulation
Z1 Halogen free thermoplastic Polyolefin
K Flexible conductor


Some of our most popular RZ1-K cable sizes include the single core variations:

Part Number Number of Cores Nominal Cross-Sectional Area Maximum Overall Diameter mm Nominal Weight kg/km
A9R01025LS 1 2.5mm2 5.2 45
A9R01040LS 1 4.0mm2 5.8 61
A9R01060LS 1 6.0mm2 6.35 80
A9R0110LS 1 10mm2 7.25 120
A9R0116LS 1 16mm2 8.3 174
A9R0125LS 1 25mm2 9.95 258
A9R0135LS 1 35mm2 11.15 349
A9R0150LS 1 50mm2 12.75 484
A9R0170LS 1 70mm2 14.8 676
A9R0195LS 1 95mm2 16.9 885
A9R01120LS 1 120mm2 18.9 1124
A9R01150LS 1 150mm2 20.95 1393
A9R01185LS 1 185mm2 23.9 1655
A9R01240LS 1 240mm2 26.2 2214
A9R01300LS 1 300mm2 28.3 2697
A9R01400LS 1 400mm2 31.4 3389
A9R01500LS 1 500mm2 37.4 4776
A9R01600LS 1 600mm2 42.7 6276


For full technical specifications on the RZ1-K cable's other core sizes including the 2-core, 3-core, 4-core and 5-core variations, with and without earth, please refer to the datasheets or speak to our technical team for more advice. 


This forms part of our wide range of European fire safety power and control cables, including the armoured RZ1MZ1-K cable. Please contact us for technical support with selecting the optimal cable and accessories for your application.


RZ1-K Cable
RZ1-K Cable
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